Monday, April 18, 2011

DOOH: Ads that can learn

While reading up on some DOOH industry news, I stumbled upon a really neat company called Immersive Labs which claims to offer digital signage software that allows ads to be altered and specifically targeted  based on specific consumers attributes. 

This of course is not entirely new. There is something called video analytics via small cameras installed on or near digital signs which allow DOOH marketers to analyze the people who pass by and then appropriately set the 'right' ads based on relative age and other factors. 

However, where things get interesting with this company is that it claims it's software can learn and get smarter by way of reading environmental factors in addition to video analytics on the fly.  Aside, Minority Report anyone? This technology incorporates social media tools such as Twitter and Foursquare.

Using a concrete example illustrates the potential power of this new tool.  Let's say that the video analytics are picking up on younger men passing by. At the same time, the system is also learning there is a sporting event happening in the area via Foursquare and Twitter. The end result? The system might show a Nike ad instead of a FedEx ad. 


In short, this smart technology changes a billboard ad based on this video identification and other enviornmental information via social media. The software learns what works and improves over time. 

In a test at a Boulder Prana store, changing ads in this way resulted in a 60% improvement in engagement (as measured by time that people looked at the ads according to the video analytics system).

According to CEO Jason Sosa, he says he expects to have a product ready to sell on a larger scale in three to six months. Several pilot locations are already in the works including the St. Louis Rams stadium and JFK International Airport. 

If any of you have seen the film Minority Report, it would appear that fantasy is certainly catching up with reality. 

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