Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Emotion is the KEY in OOH

Out of home advertising campaigns are always based on getting attention. However, there are so many options and price points available ranging from standard billboards, guerilla stunts, digital and so on. The mix can be quite varied and diverse. The key question is centered on efficacy though. What will be the best value or mix for an effective campaign?

Well to answer that, an interesting study was released recently by a top Neuroscientist, Dr Phil Harris from the University of Melbourne. The study was based on what helps consumers recall such outdoor advertising. What it found was the importance of active information processing in aiding recall. The study clearly noted that simply noticing something is not enough for consumers to recall a campaign. Advertisers should be honing in on deepening engagement. The three key methods of ‘switching on’ consumers include emotional arousal, experiential learning and sensory branding.  

This is rather poignant stuff and simple decisions in the planning phase of a campaign can really go along a way in terms of really making a lasting and memorable impact.

Have a look again at Coca Cola's latest media and tell me, how do you feel from this? What kind of emotions would this elicit if you came across it in the course of your day. 

Do you follow?

Some conclusions and tips to be drawn from this?

1. Creativity in outdoor can and will create a powerful connection via emotional engagement if done properly (see this link)

2. Cost to achieve efficacy can be more at times, but in advertising or anything else there is little value in wasting time, energy or resources on sub-par results. Analyze the goals and make sure your media CAN really achieve them. (see this video case study for inspiration)

3. Forget standard billboards and posters unless they have some kind of creative or unusual flare. Can you recall the last time a billboard or poster made your heart skip a beat and 'pulled' you?

4. Seek out innovative OOH media firms. They are usually small but incredibly focussed and centered on delivering the results you seek (shameless self promotion)

5. Play with your media mixes. Make sure they can all connect and leverage off one another. 

6. Remember that the deeper the engagement or emotional arousal, the more likely the action will follow suit. All advertiser crave the spread of 'likes', posted pics, comments, tweets, Facebook engagement etc. That is where every advertiser wants to be and it is not as difficult as one thinks to create this spread through the right kind of media.

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